Meet the leaders

Leading The Way And Defining The New Millennium Agency

When it comes to a wealth of talent at the top, Di Jones Real Estate has cornered that market too. 

From the considered appointment of each Director to the Board to senior sales agents as well as key administrative and marketing strategists, the right people are in the right roles.

There is also the diversity of experience while maintaining a shared vision for the present and the future of Di Jones Real Estate. That vision is to create and deliver a uniquely superior service to every client in every way.

We invite you to meet the leaders of Di Jones Real Estate and find out more about the people at the top by clicking on the profiles below.

Keith Walker
Head of Sales
Di Jones
Founder & Brand Ambassador
Kim Jones
Director & Jones Team
Gary Sands
Director & Schumann Sands Team
Kylie Walsh
General Manager, Board & Licensee in Charge
Nicki Washburn
Finance Manager
Bridgette Barker
Investment Management East