Alexandra Hainsworth - Di Jones Real Estate

Alexandra Hainsworth

Head of Marketing


Alexandra Hainsworth located to Australia in 2012 having previously resided and worked in Las Vegas. During Alex’s time in Las Vegas she worked in the Events and Branding industry. Alex was responsible for planning and coordinating large scale events for multi-national companies as well as brand strategy and positioning conferences. She has always had a flare for the way a company’s story is presented and the experience that will mean for the consumer. Alex has a degree in communications and business management and her interests in assisting businesses increase their profile through a variety of marketing strategies and aligning these to the company’s corporate vision to increase revenue and market share resulting in her accepting a role with LJ Hooker. For the past 3 years, Alex has worked with LJ Hooker in WA and most recently in the Marketing & Technology team at LJ Hooker’s Corporate office in Sydney.