Committed to achieving outstanding results and building long lasting client relationships, Chris Ettenhofer is a trusted real estate professional and Sales Agent at Di Jones Real Estate North Shore. Chris is enthusiastic and full of energy, with an innate ability to work under pressure and a proactive approach that provides a leading edge in sales campaigns.

Chris enjoys helping customers negotiate the emotional rollercoaster that is buying and selling property, by responding to each concern or hurdle in a professional yet supportive way. This personal support is also backed by his refined industry knowledge, allowing him to make the decision that is always in the best interest of his client. Open communication throughout the negotiation process and his collaborative yet methodical approach is essential to his success, with a tenacity and drive that sets him apart from others in the field.

Chris’ confidence helps to further develop the strong sense of trust he maintains with his clients, and he is respected for the perseverance, tireless motivation and commitment he puts toward achieving their goals. Chris also shares a love and passion for real estate with his wife Katharine, who is Head of Property Investment and Partner at the Di Jones North Shore.

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