Di Jones

Founder & Brand Ambassador


When Di Jones opened her agency in June 1992 she only had one thing in mind, and that was to do the very best she could, offering clients the style of service she would like to receive with a small, very personal 'boutique agency' completely different from the existing style of real estate companies.

Di says "I had no idea that the agency would be as well received as it has been and can only thank those clients who followed me to Di Jones Real Estate providing me with support and encouragement in the face of one of the lowest economic periods Australia has experienced this century. It was gratifying to see how enthusiastically the new agency was welcomed by vendors and home buyers. It proved that you can't keep a 'good thing down' and that my intuition was right - the public was both ready and in need of a new approach to real estate".

Di’s goals are now no different from before - to create the most respected real estate agency in the eastern suburbs. As a business Di Jones Real Estate is constantly searching for new ways to further improve the agency and the services it can offer clients.

Di Jones believes the real estate industry, its marketing, presentation, selling, management, negotiation - and all the 'behind the scenes' elements that go into making it operate successfully are fascinating and open for further improvement. She acknowledges that local real estate has become far more aware in recent times with the public benefiting greatly.

As a wife and mother Di Jones is aware and understanding of the special needs people have when selling their home and says "we are all entities in our own right, with private lives going on under the surface and I feel it is essential not to lose sight of the individual for the sake of profit. It would be naive of me to try to convince you that I am not a businesswoman with budgets and profit margins to consider, but of what I always try to stay mindful is that every client should be treated with respect".

The very best service with personal attention to the smallest detail is what sets Di Jones and her team apart from other agencies.