Located 7 kilometres south-east of the Sydney CBD, Kingsford is a charming suburb nestled in close proximity to local shops, parks, cafes, and schools. Mainly a residential area, directly south of the University of New South Wales in Kensington, Kingsford is a sunlit district of affordable living. Accordingly, there’s a variety of residents. Due the accessibility of the University in association with Kingsford’s tranquility, Kingsford has become the home of choice to many students living in medium and high density housing. With a large roundabout, at the centre of Kingsford, on Anzac Parade and Gardeners Road, Kingsford has a connecting public transport system to nine possible destinations. Subsequently, there is no shortage of bus services. This is where Kingsford has received the beloved nickname "nine-ways" and with such a convenient transport system, this delightful suburb makes for an easy trip to Coogee Beach situated less than 5kms away.

You will also find that Kingsford is rich in history. Once known as South Kensington, Kingsford was named in honour of Australian aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897–1935), as was the nearby Sydney Airport. The airport location furthermore enhances the suburbs merit, establishing Kingsford as the perfect suburb for frequent jet setters, providing easy airport access, from a suburban sanctuary just around the corner.

Local government area: Randwick City Council

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