Staying At Your Boyfriend’s Place Could Cost You

According to reports published in the AFR, a woman has had to pay back her First Home Buyers grant of $14,000, plus fees as it was found she was spending too much time at her boyfriend’s house.

The lady originally purchased a 3 bedroom property on Sydney’s Norther Beaches. The purchase of the property took place in 2009 when first home buyers were receiving a First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) of $14,000.

One could only assume the this particular transaction was going to be closely monitored by the NSW Office of State Revenue (OSR) as the property in question that the lady purchased was purchased from a company owned by her parents.

The FHOG payment was challenged by the OSR as they discovered there were two tenants that had a rental bond on the property.

“According to her evidence, on a “standard night” Ms Falvo would arrive at her boyfriend’s house between 8pm and 10.30pm and leave between 12am and 3am. She said she would then go and stay at the Collaroy property until 7am or 7.30am when she would go to the gym and get ready for work.”

The lady’s mother had also suggested that the property was “gifted” to her daughter as it was an Italian tradition to do so. However, the evidence of the owner of the property suggests that she was renting out bedrooms to assist in paying off her mortgage. Not exactly a “gift” as her mother suggested.

Unfortunately for the owner of the property, the evidence of the tenant was very different. Here is what was quoted in the AFR;

“Giving evidence, Ms Kruse said she lived at the Collaroy house from 1998 until 2013 and over the course of the 15 years Ms Falvo visited the property only twice.”

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